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Hearing Aid Dispensers

Do you always know when your clients' appointments are?
Is your diary legible & not full of crossings-out?
You're on a domiciliary & running late - can you find your client's phone number?
Do you have a good history of your patients' visits, aid and repairs?
Can you reconcile invoices from your aid suppliers?
Do you know in good time that patients' aids are running out of warranty?
Do you conform to required HAC record storage practices?
Do you make best use of your time, seeing patients rather than pushing paper?
Do you make best use of your office manager & receptionist?

If it's 'No' or 'Maybe' to any of these questions, we can help you.

The LinHear systems from Linburgh Partners have been developed to give you the management tools you need to support your customers 

We now have two systems to help you:

  1. LinHear - our traditional system for the busy dispensing practice.  This is a full function system managing your whole business - Read on
  2. LinHear Light - specifically created for the single dispenser practice who just wants to get up and running - Read on

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